National Front Policy

The National Front’s policies and principles stem from a fundamental belief in the right of individuals to determine their own future and the future of their community to the greatest possible limits. Real political and economic power has progressively been taken away from the British people and a new Class Politique has developed which makes an ever increasing range of decisions without reference to the wishes of the people.

Britain’s political system has been described as an “elective dictatorship” with the government able to push through a whole range of policies, claiming a five year mandate on the basis of a general election where usually only about 30 – 40% of the voting population have given one party a parliamentary majority.

In fact, as far as a whole range of issues are concerned, the electorate has been given precious little alternative. On issues such as European integration, capital punishment, immigration, international free trade, Northern Ireland, there is very little difference between the three old parties.

These three parties, LIB-LAB-CON, exercise a stranglehold over British politics with support from the media, large parts of which are actively hostile to any party representing core British values. In Britain and in other European nations the Class Politique now regards itself as the natural rulers, able to ignore and reject the views and wishes of the majority of the people on the basis that “they know best” – such arrogance is usually a sign of imminent destruction.


The National Front is a political movement seeking deep and fundamental changes in British society. Unlike many other radical parties, particularly those of the past, we do not seek to impose our views on the population. Instead we seek to empower the people so that they can make decisions for themselves and then translate those decisions into action to create their own communities.

For example, while the National Front has views on education, our primary aim is to give real control of schools, and what is taught in them, to local people, particularly parents. Similarly for industry, we seek to give working people a real say in the running of larger companies rather than being treated as cogs in a machine by absentee owners.

In all matters the aim of the National Front is to give real power and real democracy to the British people who are the nation’s driving force, whereas all our political opponents seek to impose their views on the British people. We seek to remind Britain of its history and heritage, to warn of the dangers of creeping dictatorship, to liberate our people from poverty and an oppressive economic system and to give our children a future that is peaceful, democratic and prosperous in an environment that is clean, green and pleasant. Our opponents seek to chain the British people to their own self-seeking policies – we seek to break the existing chains that bind them and in many cases doom them to a life of fear, poverty and lack of hope. We will replace this with justice, prosperity and confidence in our future.


The National Front is a party of genuine democracy which belongs to its members and whose policy is determined by its members. Its governing body is the National Directorate which is an elected body and which elects from within its ranks a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and other national party officers. The policies of the party are determined by the members at Annual Conferences and unlike some other parties, such decisions are binding upon the party.

The National Front seeks to promote in Britain a genuinely democratic political system and advocates a fairer electoral system which includes an aspect of proportional representation. In government the National Front would like to see an increase in the powers of the House of Commons Select Committees. The National Front can see no virtue in the powers granted to hereditary peers by accident of birth and consequently hereditary peerages would be abolished. It would however maintain a second chamber as an advisory and consultative body.

The National Front upholds the principle of a constitutional monarchy as this is clearly the wish of the overwhelming majority of the British people. We believe that the monarchy could again become an important symbol as a family and of the continuity of the nation.

The National Front would introduce a bill of rights to guarantee certain basic freedoms. It would also re-assert the sovereignty of Parliament by withdrawing from the oppressive European Union. Wherever possible decision-making would be brought closer to the people and as many decisions as possible would be made at local rather than national level.


For the last thousand years the British people have fought, and sometimes died, to preserve our basic freedoms. The National Front wholeheartedly believes that these freedoms must be maintained. Consequently the National Front believes in the introduction of a bill of rights to guarantee basic freedoms including:

  • Freedom of speech including publication and distribution of printed matter
  • Freedom of access to publicly owned assembly facilities
  • Freedom for orderly demonstrations in public
  • Freedom from arbitrary arrest
  • Equal and free access to justice
  • The right to vote and stand for election for public office without onerous financial or other qualifications


The National Front supports the right of self-determination of all nations and is therefore opposed to military and economic imperialism. It also opposes all supra-national bodies which erode the sovereignty of nations. The National Front subscribes to the form of nationalism which fosters mutual respect between nations without any nation seeking to interfere with or dominate another. The National Front believes each nation, including Britain, should be proud of its own history and traditions and should respect those of other nations. Further, each nation has a right to work out its own future both economically and politically. The National Front deplores the doomed attempt to impose political, economic multicultural systems on other nations, often unsuited to the national character, particularly carried out by the Western powers. Equally the National Front opposes the destructiveness, particularly, of American cultural imperialism.


Because of a partly shared cultural heritage and identity of race, the National Front would like to see more sporting and cultural contacts between these nations. The National Front recognises that each of these nations has developed its own identity and contacts should be on an equal footing. The National Front believes that the multiracial Commonwealth is a farcical relic of an unfortunate past which should be disbanded. The National Front would in any case withdraw Britain from this organisation. Consequently the National Front cannot condone the idea of the British monarch being head of state of other foreign nations.


The National Front supports the right of self-determination for all European nations and demands that right for Britain. It seeks a Europe where each nation is friendly to all others but where no nation seeks to dominate or interfere in the affairs of another. Consequently the National Front would withdraw Britain from the European Union.

The National Front would encourage the development of cultural and sporting links between other European nations. It would encourage the cultural diversity between the nations of Europe and resist attempts to eliminate this. It totally opposes the monetary and political merging of the separate nations into a super-state.


The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens. In this respect successive Labour and Conservative governments would have to be adjudged as failures. Crime, particularly violent crime, has risen virtually every year for the past thirty years. The National Front would introduce a range of measures to restore the rule of law and order and to protect our people.

The first priority is for teachers and other youth leaders to take a lead in educating our children to uphold the law. They should also be taught the dangers of drugs, and of the reckless intake of alcohol which is so often a contributory factor in crime. The National Front accepts that it is probably impossible to stamp out crime totally no matter how successfully it can be reduced, therefore the National Front would help in a number of ways:

  • Local councils would be encouraged to fit security devices to all council houses
  • Old Age Pensioners would be helped to make their homes secure and would also be provided with personal alarms
  • Neighbourhood Watch schemes would be encouraged and extended

Despite assurances to the contrary, the National Front believes that in some inner city districts No-Go Areas do exist for the police. Far from withdrawing from such areas the National Front would insist on a high level of policing to combat crime and protect individuals. We would also seek to remove the shackles of political correctness that stop the police from performing their duties effectively – the police must be able to stop suspects based upon description without fear of stopping too many people from a particular racial group.

Where the law is broken the National Front believes that there must be a larger element of punishment within the sentencing system. In the case of perpetrators of some violent crimes we would introduce birching in addition to other sentences.

For crimes of extreme violence such as aggravated rape, murder and terrorist offences, the National Front would introduce the death penalty.


The British economy has been in a state of decline relative to other industrialised nations for at least the last three decades. This is not a result of a lack of British inventiveness nor of a willingness to work, but is largely because of inept political leadership and an economic system that benefits other nations before Britain.

The National Front would introduce a series of measures based on the principles of economic nationalism to restore Britain’s prosperity. These would include:

  • The restriction of foreign imports so that the goods in our shops are made in Britain by British workers.
  • The wealth created by British workers would be invested in the future of this country and not sent abroad.
  • Speculation via the Stock Exchange would be eliminated. British people encouraged to take direct ownership of their place of work.
  • Weighty taxation would be reduced by savings in government expenditure, particularly in these areas:
  1. Foreign aid
  2. Payments to Europe
  3. Propping up a burgeoning race relations industry


The protection of the British people at home and throughout the world is the responsibility of the government. It is for this purpose (and this purpose alone) that we require our armed forces, which have such a proud record in defending our nation. No British politician wants a war but it is a sad fact that Britain must always be prepared for a whole range of eventualities including the less likely ones. This is particularly true when the Middle East is in a period of change and uncertainty.

There is no realistic defence without a basic defence strategy. The National Front’s defence strategy is that Britain must maintain a defence capability able to inflict massive damage on any other countries in the world should they act as an aggressor. The only other requirement is the ability of our forces to defeat any internal terrorist threat. The equipment with which our forces are armed must be designed and built in the UK and must remain solely under the control of this country.

The National Front totally opposes the use of British troops by the United Nations to carry out their political adventures. It also opposes any attempt to form a European army under foreign control and will withdraw Britain from NATO.


The National Front believes that the world contains a rich diversity of races and consequent cultures. We believe in the preservation of these races. As each race has evolved it has developed its own social structures, its own customs and its own culture. These are different for each race and have been built up to suit the character of each separate race.

In the case of Britain the National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our character. Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.

The National Front believes that this is the only way to halt the steadily rising racial tension and violence that is becoming part of everyday life in modern Britain.

In regards to white immigration, this would only be allowed where there are particular reasons such as the possession of particular skills or in the case of political refugees. Until the problem of unemployment is solved, the National Front would seek to keep such immigration to a minimum.


The National Front regards the family as the ideal social unit. All the available evidence suggests that a happy family is the ideal environment in which children can grow and develop. In recent times there has been a marked decline in this type of arrangement. The National Front accepts that there is no simple solution to this problem and that the situation today has arisen as a result of a combination of factors. However, the National Front regards a number of government decisions as having unnecessarily made the situation worse, which includes the lowering of the real value of family allowances.

The National Front would take a number of steps to provide support for the concept of the family unit. Financial measures would include the raising of family allowances and the universal provision of free school meals. Other types of support would include the insistence that all families with children under the age of 14 should have the choice of council accommodation in houses with gardens. The National Front would also strongly encourage a change in the attitude of educators and those working in the media to stop the denigration of the family unit that has become increasingly prevalent.

The National Front believes absolutely in the equal right of boys and girls to study for and pursue a profession. However, there would appear to be steadily increasing pressure on girls to follow a profession rather than to have and rear children – which the National Front regards as at least equally (if not more) fulfilling. There is a similar pressure on boys to aggressively pursue a career rather than to put marriage and family first. Of course these are not mutually exclusive and the National Front believes in the widespread availability of services such as creche facilities.


For the last 40 years Britain’s education system has been at the mercy of changeable government policy. Each successive government has sought to impose its ideas right across the nation in towns, cities and rural communities. The National Front would give far greater control to local people – the local education authority, parents and teachers. While setting out broad parameters we would encourage decisions to be made at local level.

The National Front believes that parents should have the right to send their children to schools outside the state system, however we would change the current system to make such schools available to all.

The National Front agrees with the idea of a basic core curriculum however this should be kept to a ‘core’ only. The National Front believes that some teachers have let down the system and in order to raise the quality of teachers we would insist that all teachers spend at least two years outside the educational system thus avoiding the school – college – school cycle. This would also result in teachers’ salaries having to be sufficient to entice them away from other areas.

The National Front would act decisively to reverse the recent trend away from competitive school sports and would seek to expand the range of such activities so as to accommodate all tastes.


The National Front believes that there should be the widest range of newspapers, television programmes, films, etc. available to the British people. In the case of providing information and educative items, a dominant British input is essential if Britons are to make proper judgments on matters of national interest. Consequently, the National Front deplores the multiple ownership of media businesses, particularly by non-British individuals.

The National Front would act to prevent this, for example, in the case of newspapers, there would be a one-company-one-title rule to prevent the build up of media empires. The same would apply to television and radio stations.

The National Front believes that the current rules about obscenity, violence and bad language are farcical. Television is a medium which brings itself into the family home. Its programmes should conform to the same standards of an invited guest when children are present.

The National Front would strengthen the laws to protect individuals’ privacy. The National Front believes it is perfectly possible to devise rules which in no way inhibit the right and proper role of a newspaper to expose abuses of power or corruption while at the same time affording people, excluding people in the public eye such as the Royal Family, a much higher level of privacy.


The National Front has a proud record of campaigning for the environment – calling for higher investment in our rail network, for much tighter controls on the use of chemicals on our land and for a cleaner river system.

The National Front would enact legislation to protect all our existing green areas and would also seek to expand their size and number, particularly in the cities. In rural areas the National Front would act to rejuvenate agricultural and village life and improve public transport in such areas. This would also increase public access to some of the less visited rural areas. In the cities the National Front would place restrictions on the expansion of office space and would act to encourage people to live in our inner cities partly by making them more attractive places. The National Front would seek to restrict the use of energy and would explore alternative energy sources.


The National Front recognises that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and will be for all time. A National Front government would integrate Ulster into the rest of the UK. Any attack on Ulster and its people would be seen as an attack on the people of Britain as a whole. IRA supporters would be removed from the UK and the border with the Irish Republic would be sealed – all persons living in Ulster will be required to swear an oath of allegiance to the UK or revert to the status of a foreign national. The Irish Republic will be treated as any other nation such as France or Holland.


The National Front would provide an entirely free National Health Service and this would include the abolition of prescription charges. When people fall ill they are likely to be losing money in any case and we can see no justification in prescription charges. However, checks on doctors’ prescriptions would be made to make sure the Health Service is not wasting money.

Whilst the National Front expects all parts of the NHS to use money efficiently and carefully, a National Front government would make available sufficient funds to eliminate all waiting lists for medically needed operations and treatments. This will take priority over other items of expenditure.

The National Front believes that the NHS should be made available to all foreign visitors who fall ill during their stay, however this system is being abused by people who arrive in this country fully aware of an existing health condition – this would be stopped.


The modern-day trend of having an abortion to fulfill one’s career would be ended under a National Front government – the life of the unborn child, the most innocent and vulnerable form of human life will be protected. Under a National Front government the days of abortion being used as a form of post-coital contraception will end. The 1967 Abortion Act is a crime against humanity and abortion will be outlawed in all but the most extreme cases. These cases include:

  • Where medical opinion asserts that there is a genuine and serious danger to the health or life of the mother if the pregnancy is allowed to continue
  • Where medical opinion asserts that the foetus is seriously damaged or malformed
  • Where a mother has conceived as a result of rape


The National Front would continue to subsidise the arts in the interests of the nation. It would seek to preserve the art treasures of the nation for public enjoyment. The National Front would encourage education in the arts and remove all financial restrictions.

In all major new buildings for the public or private sector the National Front would demand higher levels of architectural merit. The National Front particularly believes in fostering local arts and cultures and would especially act to save the various traditional British languages.