National Front NF
  In Memorium 
John Tyndall
14 July 1934 - 19 July 2005

On Saturday 19th July 2014, the ninth anniversary of his death, the National Front salutes the man whose memory still lives in our hearts today! John Tyndall was the Chairman of the NF during its most successful years in the mid to late 1970s. John left the NF in 1980 to continue his work in the New National Front and later the BNP where the policies we hold strongly today were kept alive until they were murdered by the intervention of one Nicholas Griffin. The National Front of today is still guided by Tyndall the Statesman and by Tyndall the Political Soldier. To us, his spirit will never die.

Below are the last two paragraphs from the concluding chapter of John Tyndall's book 'The Eleventh Hour'. To us in the National Front, this symbolises the resolute and tenacious attitude of the man John Tyndall, one of the true founders of our cause, an attitude that political pygmies such as Griffin and the present-day incarnation of the BNP can only dream of emulating.

North East NF

 "Our creed is one of heroism, and the coming epoch calls for the return of the heroic virtues. Not for us the cosy tranquility of the political soft option; for us only the long march through the cold night - which must precede the glorious dawn. These conditions demand a special quality of steel in those who rally to our banner, and if the forthrightness of the message put forward in this book frightens and puts off the delicate of fibre and spirit, that is good; for their place is not with us and we would not wish to encumber ourselves with their presence.

Today, from out of the chaos and the ruins wrought by the old politics, new men are rising. These new men of the new age are now working night and day across the land to forge the sinews of the movement to which their lives and mine are dedicated. Above them as they work are the spirits of legions of mighty ancestors whose bones lie at the bottoms of the oceans and beneath the soil of five continents where the men and women of our blood have borne the British flag and stamped the mark of British genius. Today we feel the voices of these past generations calling down to us in sacred union, urging us to be worthy of their example and their sacrifice. To them we owe it to fight on, and to dare all, so that a great land and a great race may live again in splendour."