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24th February 2014 

The legally valid Directorate has decided to take Court action against the former Chairman, Ian Edward.

This step to initiate legal action has been taken after serious deliberation. The Directorate (The ruling body of the National Front) is determined to defend the rights of the National Front and its members.

The facts of the problem with Ian Edward are as follows: Ian Edward walked out of a Directorate meeting held on Saturday, 15th June 13, after a resolution he made was defeated. On 22nd June he emailed his resignation to all members of the Directorate: Quote "so please accept my final resignation as Chairman forthwith". Ian Edward has since confirmed his resignation in statements that he has made public on the internet. Steve Rowlands and Bernadette Jaggers also resigned.

This momentarily left the Party administration in disarray. By the efforts of the remaining Executive members this was soon rectified. Party members should recognise the work put in by these remaining Executive members after Edward and co had abandoned them and the Party.

The Deputy Chairman, Kevin Bryan stepped in as Acting Chairman and his position as Chairman was confirmed at a Directorate meeting held on Saturday, 31st August 13.

On various internet-sites, the former chairman is now boasting that there will be no National Front candidates standing in this year's elections. He can say this, as by a quirk in electoral law, he remains the registered Nominating Officer for the Party. He is refusing to sign a Form RP4 informing the Electoral Commission formally of the change of Chairman and Nominating Officer. (This form must be signed under electoral law.)

The National Front has from the beginning been registered with the Electoral Commission, precisely in order that our candidates can stand officially as National Front, and have our party name printed on the ballot paper.

Brave men and women who are ready to step forward and serve our Movement in the coming elections as National Front candidates are now being denied their right to do so by this act sabotage. By refusing to inform officially the Electoral Commission of his resignation, and to sign the official RP4 form, as required by Law, Ian Edward is attempting to sabotage the good running of the National Front. This is an attack on the whole Racial-Nationalist Movement. The National Front is the last hope of the White Race in this country. The refusal of the former chairman to do the proper thing and to sign off with the Electoral Commission is a disgrace.

The National Front Directorate is determined to put an end to this intolerable situation by taking legal action against Ian Edward. It cannot be permitted that the Party be hijacked by some individual who seems to have lost all reason. The legal case will cost several thousand pounds but we hope and we trust that the Racial-Nationalist movement will understand and will support us in this fight.


Signed: Kevin Bryan, Chairman;
Dave MacDonald, Deputy Chairman;
Nick Walsh, Treasurer;


Development & Enquirers' Officer - Rob Poundall;
Membership Secretary- Nigel Piggins;
South Wales Organiser & Executive member - Adam Lloyd;
London Organiser - Tess Culnane;
North East Organiser - Simon Biggs;
North West Organiser - Chris Jackson;
West Mids Organiser - Kevin Inman;
South East Organiser - Mike Easter;
South West Organiser - Stuart Woolger;
Directorate member - Richard Edmonds;
Directorate member - Mike Cooper;
Directorate member - Andy Edwards;
Directorate member - Kevin McMahon


The official party head office address of the National Front is:

This can be seen by the screenshot from the Electoral Commission's list of registered political parties.

Anyone who has made a mistake by posting their membership applications or renewals to the fraudulent address in London can request their money back by writing to the imposters.

Get in touch with us via or ring us on 07745758660 if you need any advice or have any questions.


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