Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

New National Front Leadership Announced

Dave MacDonald

Adam Lloyd

With Kevin Bryan, NF National Chairman having to spend a good time convalescing after a shocking car crash, the new Leadership of our Movement can now be announced.

The new National Chairman of the NF is Dave MacDonald . Dave is also Scottish Regional Organiser and over the last few years has taken NF Scotland into a powerful presence.

The new Deputy National Chairman is Adam Lloyd. Adam (above top) is also South Wales Regional Organiser and has accomplished some great work making the name NF known throughout the Region.

The whole Movement is behind our new leadership. We wish Kev Bryan a speedy recovery (he remains a National Executive member) and we pledge our solidarity with the new leadership.


In two days time the electorate take to the polls.

After weeks of glossy leaflets, TV programmes and news papers dominated with the four main Party leaders just who will they choose?

Cameron,, Millband, Clegg or Farage?

Four leaders, one party!

All four of them offering the electorate little bits of this and little bits of that but what they are really offering the electorate is more of the same.

The National Front is nearly 50 years old and whether it's been General Elections or Local Government Elections, the National Front has always offered the Electorate an alternative to the status quo and an alternative to the policies of betrayal and failure. We have also TOLD THE TRUTH!

Once again in this General Election the National Front is offering the answers to the failed multiracial experiment and to the hideous crimes against children that have been committed for decades by politicians, establishment figures, celebrities and of course by immigrants.

Not one of the four mainstream Parties have the answers to either of the above. To put it simply, the answers to the above are repatriation and the restoration of the death penalty.

The National Front does of course offer a full political manifesto to put right the wrongs that have been thrust upon our great nation by successive career politicians, weak people who’s ideology and direction has never ever had this interests of our country or the indigenous British peoples interests at heart.

In the 2015 General Election the National Front will be fielding seven candidates. Without going into detail it would have been more but we were only re-registered with the Electoral Commission 3 weeks before the election was called.

I would like to congratulate all National Front candidates in the General, Borough and Town Council elections for having the courage to put yourself forward. You are all a credit to our party and I for one am more than proud of you.

Also many thanks to members and supporters that have taken the time out to help our candidates across the UK.

Whatever the result on Thursday May 7th the National Front has taken a stand and shown that whatever attacks the system throws at us our members have the courage and devotion to push forward with our eventual goal of victory for our Race & Nation.

Many thanks,
Kevin Bryan



An interesting encounter at a Royal Mail depot...

The Royal Mail is obliged by law to offer to each candidate in a UK Parliamentary election a free delivery of an election address either addressed to each voter within the constituency or unaddressed to each residential address. For reasons of economy and workload, most candidates choose the second option.

As election agent for the National Front's Hull East candidate Mike Cooper, it was my responsibility to arrange the approval of our leaflet by the Royal Mail's legal department, the printing of 43,200 of them and finally their delivery (in bundles inside labelled boxes) to the Post Office's regional distribution centre in Doncaster.

The deadline set by the post office for the receipt of unaddressed candidates' leaflets was 12 noon on Friday 24 April. The slot we booked to make our drop off was 10am that day. I explained to the Post Office's elections manager that we might have trouble getting them there for that time as I was away during the week and would have to hire a vehicle that same morning. She told me that as long as we got there between 10 and 11 it would be fine, but to ring her if there were any problems.

I picked up Mike and the leaflets and we set off for Doncaster, arriving about ten minutes after the appointed time. There was one other vehicle parked up at a loading bay being unloaded, so I parked next to it. When we got out of the car, a man stood near it called out to us and asked if we were booked in for 10am. I told him we were. He became aggressive and said there was a 'five minute window' and we had missed our appointment. I told him that we had been told we could drop off our leaflets at any time between 10 and 11. He said that wasn't the case and we would have to come back on Tuesday (after the deadline for receipt of election addresses). He said we had to leave the site immediately.
I assumed he was a left-wing trade unionist trying to sabotage our campaign. We thought even if we got him to take our leaflets there was a good chance they would end up in the River Don, so I drove round the corner and parked up.

I rang the election manager's number. Another post office manager took the call. I told him we had been told we could drop off our election addresses up to 11am and asked if this was still the case. He replied that it was. I told him what had happened. He was very concerned and told us to come back onto the site and they would unload our leaflets immediately.

The other vehicle had gone when we drove back and parked up and two Post Office managers came over and helped us unload our leaflets into a roll cage. While we were doing this, another Post Office employee came over and said "They're BNP." I said "No we're not - we're National Front." He said "Not you - the guys who told you that you couldn't drop off your leaflets."

The other vehicle had been dropping off BNP election addresses. The only BNP candidate in Yorkshire (or anywhere North of Skegness) is their chairman Adam Walker who is standing in Rotherham. So, members of the BNP leader's campaign team had attempted to sabotage a National Front election campaign in Hull - many miles away from any constituency in which they had an interest.

During the following week, our election addresses have been delivered by the Post Office to many (although not all) constituents in Hull East and the Hull branch have received a number of enquiries as a result.

Nick Walsh
Election Agent for Mike Cooper, NF candidate, Hull East



Over the last 3 years the National Front have held many demos (and unofficial marches). I have always been the first to say "we are both a Political Party and also a Movement.

For the next three weeks our main concern is the elections. We have managed to put up 7 candidates across the UK at a cost of £7000, this is money that this time around I expect we can say goodbye to. It is money that the party cannot really afford but never the less as a Political party and the only Racial nationalist party that advocates repatriation and real change it was vitally important that we stand.

As members of the National Front I expect everyone of you that lives in or near an area where a candidate is standing to help out your local candidate, every candidate has been brave enough to put their heads above the parapet so surely you can do your bit to help.

That help can come in many ways, the folding of up to 50,000 leaflets, each candidate had 50000 leaflets , these need folding, putting into bundles of 100 and boxing ready to be delivered to the Royal Mail. Some candidates will be having a 2nd leaflet printed, these will need door to door delivery. The party is very short of money so you could make a much needed donation at this important time, your local candidate will need people to attend the election count with him.

There are many ways you can help so please contact your local organiser.

While elections are on I don't want to see NF members or NF flags on other organisations demos, some of these are pointless demos that offer the long suffering public of those towns no alternative at all, by standing in elections in those towns you can offer that alternative.

The next 3 weeks is about electioneering and playing a part in the political side of the National Front - "Your Party".

Thank you
Kevin Bryan


I am pleased to announce that we have today received conformation from the Electoral Commission that they have accepted our application to re-register the National Front.

The last few months have been stressful times for the party Directorate but we were always confident that our application would be accepted.

An announcement will be made on the General Election in the next few days.

We would like to thank everyone for remaining loyal & strong through these stressful times for the National Front.

Onwards and upwards.

Kevin Bryan
National Front


Last night I received a tweet from a friend who had messaged Bernadette Jaggers. Her reply, and I have it on my phone, was "We have submitted our brand new constitution to the EC, and guess what? An all white one won't be accepted!"
They were the very words sent by Bernadette to my friend. This means that without any obligation, Jaggers & Edward have changed their constitution to admit non-whites.

Remember, it's only months ago they scrapped her grouplet's repatriation policy.

I have always said she is working for someone and now I am even more convinced.

Griffin changed the constitution of the BNP claiming it was the Commission for racial equality that forced him, NO-ONE has forced Edward!

This means if they get the nod from the EC, that Britain's last racial nationalist party now has a constitution that accepts non-whites!

Below is a statement from Richard Edmonds.

Racial Regards
Kevin Bryan

An announcement from Richard Edmonds,

National Front Directorate Member:

It has been brought to my attention that Ms. Bernadette Jaggers, spokesperson for the group that falsely describes itself as National Front, has just announced that her group has changed its rule book and is now recruiting ethnics as members. By this step Ms. Jaggers has committed a complete sell-out of our racial and nationalist principles.

In the cause of Race and Nation, I call upon Ian Edward, the former Chairman of the National Front, and I call upon Stevie Rowlands, a long serving National Front veteran, to dissociate themselves from Ms.Jaggers' betrayal of everything that the National Front has stood for in the whole of its fifty years of existence.

Richard Edmonds, National Front Directorate Member.


"I Am Charlie"
by Kev Bryan


The above slogan shows the reality "I am manipulated

"I am Charlie" - this is the slogan we have been seeing on placards all across Europe,

Placards held in memory of those killed in Paris last week at both the offices of Charlie Hebdo the left wing magazine and also those killed in the kosher supermarket .

So what exactly is the message being sent out by holding up the message "Je suis Charlie"  - "I am Charlie?"
Well the Guardian sums it up in a nutshell -

"I am Black, I am White, I am Jewish , I am Muslim etc"

Yes the message being sent out is an all encompassing message "We Are One".

The whole sorry episode has been another exercise for the Marxists to push their One World Agenda down our throats .
Of course though the initial reaction after the murders was one of anti Muslim sentiment.

For a couple of days the indigenous peoples of Europe were repulsed with Islam, two more attacks had taken place, many British people were still scarred  by the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby; many remembered the London transport bombings of ten years ago.

Was this the start of a Europe wide uprising against Mohamed's Chosen Fanatics?
After all we have in the last week seen a huge demo in Dresden by German Patriots, how refreshing it was to hear Germans chanting "We Are The People" - WIR SIND DAS VOLK!

Were the British people going to take to the streets in their thousands?

They had 24 hours to get it together and take to the streets in a show of strength against Fundamentalist Islamic atrocities, did it happen?

The simple answer is NO!
Facebook was buzzing in anti-Muslim sentiment. Social media, the most powerful tool available to the masses, all Nationalists tried, we posted more information about the 'religion of peace' and it's followers than ever before, not just Nationalist followers but people's friends lists were replying in anger, but so were people's non-nationalist friends.

This gave the Marxists and the controlled media the opportunity to push forward with their dumbing down agenda.

Operation "Je suis Charlie" was under way, the TV and media hit hard with the moderate Muslim nonsense, they wheeled out Muslims that could more be described as actors than of representing the voice of Islam.
 On our screens was a photo of a mosque full of Muslims down on their prayer mats and the TV reporters were telling us the mosque full of Muslims were offering prayer to the victims of the shootings, really?
No one apart from those in the mosque knew what was being said in there and I doubt very much if the prayers being offered were for the victims, after all many of the victims were Jewish, not just at the kosher supermarket but also several of those killed at the Marxist magazine "Charlie Hebdo".
The controllers were now starting to convince the gullible public that the killers did not represent Islam in general.

Next came the protests in London, tiny though they were and what did we see? "Je suis Charlie" placards and people from every race & nationality.

Then last night came the icing on the cake, the big one, 3.7 million people came together in Paris to march against terrorism.

World leaders from nations across the globe came together in a show of unity.

Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, "I AM CHARLIE" all as one just as our One World Rulers want it.

Amongst those we saw there were;

French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Racial nationalists were repulsed at the sight of this hypocrisy!

I don't remember 3.7 million Britons and world leaders coming together when the IRA were blowing the hell out of the British people.

The attention had completely been taken away from mass Muslim immigration across Britain & Europe, it had been taken away from the mass colonisation of towns & cities and the genuine concerns that the British & European people's have regarding the changing demographics taking place.
Personally I was very disappointed to see British Nationalists out last night. Last night was not a night for British Nationalists to be out, last night was a night for the One Worlders and the Zionists to parade and push the Globalist agenda in the face of the already gullible dumbed down indigenous peoples of Britain and Europe,
British Nationalists should not have been holding "I am Charlie" placards. What message were you giving out?

 After all, that is the all encompassing message of the Globalists.
 What were people doing supporting with the Griffin stooge, Mike Whitby, a man who, alongside his Zionist stooge master, Nick Griffin have done untold damage to real British Nationalism at a hastily held meeting in Lancashire.

Had it have not been for Griffin and his deliberate wrecking of the BNP, the British National Party would have people in Parliament and of course MEPs in the European Parliament .
 The British people would have a genuine voice in the halls of power against Fanatical Islam and mass Muslim immigration, and against money power and the European Union.

UKIP would not exist, there would be no void to fill.

Griffin wrecked the BNP and has been rewarded handsomely for the damage he has done and who has been at his side for several years defending him at every opportunity as he went about his business of destroying the one vehicle the indigenous British people had of taking back their beloved nation?
 None other than Mike Whitby! Yet last night because he made a speech attacking Islam, and for once he mentioned 'The Banksters".

 As a result of this faux speech - people who should know better, applauded this fraudster and posted videos praising him.

As racial nationalists we have an eventual goal of a National Front Government which will bring about through humane repatriation a totally homogenous Britain - a land for the White British people.
 The way this country is going we will almost certainly be a completely messed up people, our heritage and our identity given over to the increasing Islamification of the United Kingdom.

Only an mass movement of the indigenous peoples of these lands can prevent that dark day coming.

As a political party, we have to push for that mass movement through the ballot box and our demonstrations.
 We have to continue the campaign, not just against organised political Islamic power, but against non-White immigration and also against the Marxist cancer that infects and influences our society and of course we have to continue to expose Zionism .

To put it simple, we fight to secure the 14 words;

Je Suis Charlie, " I am Charlie!" ?

Not bloody likely!


Nothing else will do and Nationalists must not loose their direction.


Professional Muslim gunmen killed twelve people today,  in an attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine targeted in the past for its cartoons on Islam.
 British people are saying it's only a matter of time before it happens here!
 Well excuse me, but have people been on Mars or Pluto for the last 10 years???

 It happened here in 2005 when fifty-two people were blown to bits in the London bus bombings; it happened here only two years ago when Lee Rigby was brutally slaughtered in one of our London streets in broad daylight!

 These cowardly murders should be taken as a declaration of war by the Islamist fanatics, on targets anywhere in Europe and that includes the United Kingdom.
 The soldiers of Islam, the 'followers of the prophet' are waging open war against non-Muslim people on the streets of Britain & Europe.

 Did any of those events wake up the British people?
 Of course not, they just chatter their anger in the pubs and  tut-tut at the news before slipping beneath their duvets and back into their dumbed down slumber.

 Just one more attack, one more bombing, one more shooting and the people will revolt, the people will take to the streets? Really? Don't bank on it, our people have been too dumbed down by controlled media of those who really rule us.

 Islamic power will continue to grow through the ballot box; through terrorism and also through the simple fact that they have three children to every one of ours. The demographics of birth are heavily weighed against non-Muslim births.

 Not forgetting of course,the open door policy that allows hundreds of thousands to flood into our country year after year.

The next 10-20 years are going to be testing times, testing times that will see if the British Lion has forever lost it's roar!

 For the future of our children for the future of freedom let's hope we soon hear that lion roar!

 Kevin Bryan
 National Front


Dear National Front Member,

As 2014 comes to a close I would like to reflect a little on the past 12 months.

We started the year off in the same manner as we left the previous year and that was with demo after demo in different towns and cities.

The National Front has been at the forefront of the protests against the Muslim Groomers, filthy animals that don't belong here but believe it right to rape & drug young white girls and pass them around from one Muslim family to another.

Over the 12 months we have taken our protests to Rochdale, Oldham, Wakefield, Newcastle, Oxford, etc. and of course we were not slow to react when news broke that at least 1,400 young White girls had been groomed & raped by these Muslim gangs in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham.

While the EDL & other groups were boxed in by the police, the National Front went in with our flags & banners and spoke with the public and handed out hundreds of our excellent leaflets.
Also, as with the other towns & cities, we marched with our flags flying high through Rotherham town centre.

Our message of "Bring Back The Rope For Paedophiles" certainly goes down well with a British public fed up with turning on the news to see that more children have been raped. That message does not just apply to Muslim Groomers - it applies to anyone that abuses and rapes our children.

<>Throughout 2014 our NF activists have been out on the streets week, in week out. The next big event to plan for was the Party’s Annual General Meeting. The West Midlands Branch did us proud by securing us a superb venue.

This year there were over 80 people at the AGM, double last year’s attendance. Speeches were heard by all party officials and several motions were passed. One of the most important motions passed was that a working committee be set up to update the National Front Constitution. Everyone left the AGM in high spirits.

The next large event saw our Movement  planning for the highlight in the Party’s busy calendar - the annual Remembrance Day Parade. This event has been held each and every year since the Party’s inception. On Remembrance Sunday, we march through the very centre of our Capital City to the Cenotaph to pay our respects to all those that have given their lives in service to their country over the years.
<>The planning started when I phoned up the Metropolitan Police who invited Tess Culnane, Richard Edmonds and myself in to see them. During the meeting the Met apologised and admitted a mistake had been made (they had scheduled the rally time to a fringe group), they realised that it was Tess and Richard that signed for last years excellent parade.

The Metropolitan Police told us that they now recognised that we are the Official National Front. We were offered an earlier spot for the March which actually  this suited us better as we knew there would still be thousands of people in our Capital from the earlier parades.
<> Lots of planning went into this years event and I would like to thank everyone involved. I can't mention everyone by name but I would like to especially thank Simon Biggs for doing a superb job as chief Steward; Darren Lumb for being an excellent Parade Marshall; Jock and Tony for the drumming; Tony Martin for filming the event and everyone that attended on the day.

What a superb day it was and our numbers were once again high, we showed the public just who the National Front really are.

So as the year is coming its end, just a fortnight back we held what would probably be our last street activity of 2014:
<>On Saturday November 15th, we targeted Scarborough final ‘Day of Action’. Over 800 "Eat or Heat" leaflets in the busy seaside town. This was combined with a meeting in a local pub which Richard Edmonds had travelled up from London to address. A great meeting it was! On the same day NF Activists in the North East held an event and NF activists  in Wales countered a march by Muslims through the town of Newport.

We look forward to 2015 as we will have ironed out the small troubles which we faced in 2014 and  this will leave us free to fight both the General election and also the local elections in May.

We already have over 20 prospective candidates that will be contesting the General Election and double that amount for the local elections.
<> We will also step up our street activity as it is vital that the public continue to see us in the towns and cities at the forefront of our campaigns fighting for ‘Rights for Whites’.

Next year the National Front will be 48 years old and we go forward with our  policies -  policies that we will never water down!
<> They are radical strong policies that are the answer, ones to put right all that is wrong with our nation. 

I would like to thank all Party Organisers, - and the Directorate and the Executive for staying true and continuing to build up our party.
<> I would also like to thank the excellent Propaganda Department for the excellent work and material they have produced.

Lastly, I would like to thank every member of our Movement for your continued support, and I hope to see you all at some stage in 2015.

I wish you all a Merry Yuletide and a Happy New Year and all the very best in 2015!

Racial Regards,
Kevin Bryan,
National Front Chairman

Friday, 10th October 2014

Report and comments by NF Chairman Kev Bryan

Results for by-election held 9th October for the Heywood and Middleton Constituency

Labour  11,633
UKIP      11,016
Cons         3496
Lib Dem   1457
Greens       870

This election result last night reflected the mood of the people of Heywood & Middleton.
Since the General Election of 2010 this Constituency has suffered the disaster which is multi-culturalism .
Drummer Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by Muslims on the streets of our Capital City. Lee Rigby was from Middleton and all his family still live there.
The Town of Heywood was rocked with the grooming scandal, many young girls from the town have over the last decade been systematically groomed and raped by Muslim criminals operating take-aways in the town.
Heywood & Middleton is a Constituency located between Rochdale & Manchester, Heywood being joined onto Rochdale & Middleton bordering Manchester.
Let us examine the results of the 2010 General Election......

Labour       18,499 Jim Dobbin 40.1%
Con             12,528
Lib Dem     10,474
BNP               3239  Peter Greenwood 7.0% (Deposit saved)
UKIP              1215     2.6%
Independent   170

he by election last night was called following the death of Jim Dobbin MP, several weeks ago.
Last nights result showed a huge swing to what many would call 'the generic right'. UKIP were just 617 votes short of winning.
Back in 2010 Peter Greenwood was still a member of the BNP, he joined the National Front shortly after that election.
Peter is very well known in the area, he holds the position of Treasurer of the Parachute Regiment Association. 
Back in 2010 Peter saved his deposit with 7% of the vote and hammered the UKIP candidate.
Since the General Election of 2010 the National Front have done a phenomenal amount of work in the Constituency and won the hearts of many of the residents, many say it was the large high profile anti grooming demo that the NF held there that bought the whole damn scandal into the open.
Peter Greenwood was chomping at the bit to stand in last nights election, as soon as the election was called Peter was being stopped in the street and bombarded with calls by people asking if he was standing.
The sad fact is that in last nights General Election 'Democracy was not in action'

Despite what Ian Edwards is saying on the hijacked website, Peter Greenwood is a member of the National Front and theFORMER Chairman Ian Edward is not!
Ian Edward resigned his position over a year ago, he sent his resignation to the Directorate, this was duly accepted, also Bernadette Jaggers & Steve Rowlands resigned their positions.
Ian Edward then sent an email resignation to the Electoral Commission.
For those that still doubt the fact that Edward resigned his position to the EC, I will now make public the email he sent them as it was also sent to every member of the National Front Directorate.

From: hillingdonnationalists@hotmail.com
To: mcarr@electoralcommission.org.uk
Subject: Resignation as Party Chairman and Nominating Officer
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 17:24:58 +0000

Dear Martin,
further to our recent conversation, could you please officially record that I have resigned as Party Chairman and Nominating Officer for the National Front.  I do not know who is taking over, therefore, could not complete the RP4 form.  If there is another form that I need to sign could you please let me know.  I sent the Treasurer an email confirming my resignation on 22nd June 2013.
I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email.
Ian Edward

Unfortunately the Electoral Commission would not accept the email as they needed the RP4 FORM signing. 
The new forms were filled in with Dave McDonald as the Nominating Officer and myself as Party Leader, these were then sent to Edward for his final signature and then the change in EC registration would be complete.
In between Edward sending his resignation email to the EC and receiving the relevant RP4 form Edward had a change of heart.
He went on to claim that I was not eligible to be Party Chairman as I did not live in the area where I was down as Regional Organiser, this was of course a lie! I was eligible to be Party Chairman as I was already the Deputy Chairman and following the Chairman's resignation the Deputy Chairman automatically steps into the position of Chairman until the Directorate elect a new Chairman. The new Chairman elected unopposed by the Directorate was myself.
I was of course elected Deputy Chairman under the Leadership of Ian Edward at a Directorate meeting at Ian Edwards home.
Ian Edwards claim that I wasn't eligible because I didn't live in the region where I was down as Regional Organiser, has been made completely false, as he now has himself down as regional Organiser of 11 of the 12 UK regions on the hijacked party website!

Since Edwards departure the National Front has gone from strength to strength, there were over 80 people at this years AGM in Birmingham, this was the largest attended NF AGM in many a year.
Attendances at our many street anti grooming/anti immigration demos are growing all the time, last week there were 70-80 at the demo in Newcastle, this was followed by a superb meeting in a local working men's club with about 50 in attendance.  

In his article on the hijacked website titled 'Heywood & Middleton' Edward says he would have signed Peter Greenwoods nomination forms had Peter Greenwood have been a member of the National Front!
What an insult! Peter Greenwood is a fully paid up member of the National Front and a proud activist.
Edwards also claims that I am not a member!!
The truth of the matter is that neither Ian Edward nor any of his cronies are members of the National Front.

Whilst Ian Edward is unfortunately still registered as nominating Officer with the EC, one of our Executive members Nick Walsh is also registered as the Party Treasurer. This means that all membership money collected must be sent to the Membership Secretary who then sends all monies to the Party Treasurer.
To this date no membership application has been sent in and not a single penny received from Edwards & co.

Peter Greenwood, myself and many others are almost certain that had Peter have stood in last nights Heywood & Middleton by election Peter would have took a sizable proportion of the vote he would of almost certainly retained his deposit.
The National Front would have had a leaflet delivered by the Post Office to every household in the Constituency; we also have a very large activist base in the region and would have canvassed every night during the campaign.

 In the 2015 General Election the National Front already has 20 candidates wishing to stand; we have many more wanting to stand in the local elections.
Edwards will no doubt try and counter this article by claiming that if any of the candidates were members of the National Front he would sign the nomination forms (providing they met with his approval) well lets get it right! Every one of those wishing to stand are members of the National Front, it is the Nominating Officer THAT IS NOT! And none of us will go begging a non member to sign our forms. 
Hopefully through the legal actions we have taken Ian Edward will be removed as Nominating Officer in time for the 2015 elections, It is just a shame that through this mans ego and undemocratic actions that the excellent Candidate Peter Greenwood was unable to contest last nights Heywood & Middleton By-Election.

Kevin Bryan
National Chairman
National Front

Friday, 19th August 2014


Today, 19th September 2014, the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum was announced and it was confirmed that the people of Scotland had voted to stay as part of the United Kingdom.

This historic referendum has created divisions in Scotland and it will take some time to bring our people back as one.

The National Front in Scotland would've carried on as normal no matter the outcome of the referendum.

We as a party can now focus on other important events including the Remembrance parade in London and the general election which will take place in 2015.

NF Scotland have our first confirmed candidates for the general election and we will be starting our election campaign before the end of 2014. Other candidates across the UK have been confirmed and we look forward to assisting those candidates in their campaigns.

On a final note our party has gone from strength to strength in the last year and will continue to grow in the future.

We have had former members continually trying to sabotage our plans and to destroy our party but we have continued to defeat them and we as a party will never allow these traitors to destroy what we have built.

Dave MacDonald
National Front Scotland

Thursday, 21st August 2014

Some so-called 'Nationalists' are so dumb it is beyond contempt.
A prime example of an idiot is Bernadette Jaggers' son Tom Beaney.

In his latest article he claims that demonstrations are a waste of time and the only way forward is elections.

Here is his article followed by my answer.

Kevin Bryan, NF Chairman

National Front by Thomas Beaney

What good is it standing in elections as a political party?

Here is some general information about the amount of electorate in the different election types.

Parish Wards (Councillor) - Hundreds
District Wards (Councillor) - A few thousand
County Divisions (Councillor) - Several thousand
Constituencies (MP) - Tens of thousands
UK Regions (MEP) - Millions

Remember that every voter will see our name, giving us a greater area of recognition, this is a guaranteed outcome of standing in elections.
What good are demonstrations, how many people are going to see you in the street on your demonstration?
In a village - Several, maybe a few dozen.
In a town centre - Dozens, maybe hundreds if you stay all day.
In a city centre - Hundreds, maybe a few thousand if you stay all day.

There is no guarantee that you will be seen or even heard by anybody on a demonstration, it is all down to the right time and place.
On a demonstration you need to number in the hundreds, to gain real recognition and have your point come across as significant.
What makes more sense to you, a guaranteed audience at elections or the possibility that people might see or hear you on a demonstration?

by NF Chairman, Kevin Bryan

Chris Jackson once asked John Tyndall, "Are we a political party or are we a movement?"
John's answer was simple: "We are both!"

As Chairman of the NF today this is exactly the principle I follow.

Elections are an important part of our party programme and in 2015 we will stand candidates in both the General Election and also the Borough Council elections.

In this present climate I do not expect us to achieve breathtaking results, there are several factors why the current climate is a difficult one for British Nationalists. To start with, Nick Griffin has destroyed the public's confidence in radical nationalist parties, at a time when the public needed leadership and direction. At a time when the public were ready to vote against immigration, Griffin acted like a complete buffoon, not just his pathetic appearance on Question Time but just about every public and TV appearance that followed.

Griffin and the BNP were one reason but it was also because of their stupidity that the State pushed their patriotic cow UKIP into the public spotlight. The State knows all too well that the long suffering indigenous Brits are fed up with being treated as second class citizens in their own land, they are fed up with mass immigration.

The State and UKIP have more than capitalised on the failings of Nick Griffin and in May's elections, a huge proportion of the British public voted UKIP as they believed they were voting for a party that would solve the problems of immigration. How duped they have been, has anyone heard of UKIP since May? No, but you can guarantee they will put on a big show next May.

Beaney needs to look at his own mother's pitiful result to see that elections are not the be all and end all of Nationalism. Also you can put out thousands of election leaflets and sometimes you don't get a single enquiry from those leaflets.

All said and done, the official National Front will contest a larger number of seats next May than we have done in many years.

Beaney goes on to claim demos are a waste of time, I would say that the reason he makes this claim is because neither himself nor his pathetic leader Ian Edward have the guts or the numbers to hold a proper street town centre demonstration.

The official National Front on the other hand have held many large demos and have gained many new members and supporters through our street presence.

When I first got involved in British Nationalism about 30 years ago the marches and demos provided excitement for a young Nationalist, they built bonds amongst comrades, they also built trust because we knew we were there to look after each other and to watch each other's backs.

As far as I know Baked Beaney hasn't yet been involved in Nationalism for two years, he has never experienced the thrill of a street demo, he hasn't had dealings with rabid left wing opposition and he hasn't experienced interaction with the general public. Beaney's article is pathetic and carries no credibility.

How do they expect to recruit young blood if they have no street presence? Yes, fight elections, that is what political parties do, but the way to attract young blood is to make politics exciting and the way to make it exciting is through demos and marches.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014
URGENT! Message from the National Chairman of the National Front

Dear White Patriots,

If you have sent in your NF membership fee this year to the London Box then you are not yet a member of the NF. If you received a card from the money you sent to the London Box please email proof of this with a photo and/or any other evidence that you have been issued a card by a group which is not the NF.

If you have any concerns then my number is 0784-166-9421 and I will pleased to hear from you.
Email address: enquiries@nationalfront.org

Any member who has renewed through the London Box and their subscription being taken falsely then the National Front will issue you with the correct card free of charge to cover 2014.

<>I have come across quite a number of people who have renewed or joined and we have no record of them. I have checked into the reason why this happened and am certain that not all enquiries were dealt with. This has now been rectified with the appointment of Kevin McMahon as National Enquiries Officer.

I do not expect any further problems now we have a loyal and efficient new officer.

For Race and Nation
Kev Bryan
National Chairman


On Sat 31st May I chaired a meeting in Aberdeen with members of the National Front and after discussing at great length the current situation with our legal action against the former chairman and his motley crew I have decided that you need to know how things stand at this time.

As you all know Ian Edward Costard resigned from the role of party chairman one year ago but later decided to reinstate himself without consultation with the Directorate of the party. It seems that he had an issue regarding the appointment of the new chairman of the party Kev Bryan.

Costard had actually instructed the Electoral Commission to remove his own name from all records as he was no longer the party chairman but when Kev was constitutionally appointed to the role of party chairman Costard decided to wreck OUR party (Not his party as he was/is still not a paid up member of the National Front). No membership fee has been received by the party treasurer so therefore Costard is not a member and therefore cannot be the chairman.

However after his initial resignation Costard was asked to sign a form/declaration from the Electoral Commission but refused to do so. This left the EC in the unprecedented position of accepting that Costard has resigned but they couldn't amend the records because he had not signed the RP4 form.

Costard has steadfastly refused to sign the form and we as a party have had to go to a law firm to represent the party in a lawsuit against Costard. This as you can imagine has cost the party thousands of pounds already and will cost us a great deal more before the case is concluded.

Costard has also refused to authorise members of the party to stand as candidates in the recent local council elections. He did however allow 6 of his friends to stand under the National Front banner.

I for one classed Costard as a friend but I have nothing but contempt for him for what he has done to a party that he was so proud to lead as chairman.

The directorate of the party have had many calls from worried members about the current situation within the party. We have told the concerned members that we are the party and Costard and his friends are not the National Front.

Why would someone who calls himself a nationalist do this to our party? 

Is he being led by outside influences or possibly by the person known as the mouth from the south?

We ask all members of the National Front to trust us as we remove the scum from the party once and for all.

Legal action is both costly and incredibly slow to commence and end but we will win of that there is no doubt.

Costard will never regain control of OUR party and in time he will be removed permanently from the records of OUR party.

He will also find it very difficult indeed to become a member of any party after his treacherous behaviour in the last 12 months.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. Further information will be sent to all members in due course.

Dave MacDonald
NF Deputy Chairman


That was the reaction from the old parties as right leaning parties won many seats to the European Parliament.

But what did the Politicians expect? These Politicians have betrayed the indigenous Europeans for many years, flooding our lands with peoples from the continents of Africa, India, Asia and the rest of the third world.

Although these were Elections to the European Parliament most people used them as a protest vote against immigration.

When we look at UKIP’s vote in both the European and UK local elections we see a massive increase but what we also see is that there are still a huge amount of British people that do give a damn about the colonization of their towns and cities.
Of course UKIP was a safe vote, people cast their vote and believe they have done their bit; they can sleep well now believing they put their cross against a Party that will end immigration.

UKIP now have 23 MEP’s but nothing will change!
Many of the local Councillors they had elected will resign within the first 12 months when they realise how boring local Council work is and they are not in the chamber debating stopping immigration but instead debating the cleaning up of dog dirt and household rubbish collections.

In France we saw Marine Le Pens Front National receive 25% of the vote, many people will see the Front National of France and the National Front here in the UK as the same kind of Party but let me make one thing clear, the Front National of France are more akin to the BNP as they are a multi-racial party, also many of the Front National's policies regarding certain ethnic groupings are way behind National Front policies.

And of course the Front National scrapped their policy of compulsory repatriation many years ago.

In Denmark we see the Danish Peoples party take 23% of the vote, The DPP stood on an anti Islam and anti-immigration platform.

Most heartening for us as racial nationalists should be the results of Greece’s Golden Dawn and the NDP in Germany.

<>Golden Dawn took 9.3% of the vote and the NDP did enough to have one MEP elected. There were of course other good anti-immigration votes in other European Countries.
Many people in my own town have asked me why I didn’t stand in both the European and Local elections this year.

Well the local elections were an internal issue which hopefully will be resolved by next year, we were going to be standing a higher number of candidates than we have done for many years, unfortunately our candidates were deprived of their democratic right because of one mans over inflated ego. 

I hope this man is proud of himself!
(Has-been Chairman, Ian Edward - trying to destroy the National  Front)

Several of our members took the decision to stand as independents in the local elections; I would like to congratulate them. Well done all.

As for the European elections, while we congratulate our comrades that did well overseas in these elections, it is National Front policy not to stand in these elections.
We see the way to total power and total withdrawal from the EU through our own UK Parliament and the will of the British people.

I do believe that because of the success of UKIP and the support they have from the media and also the damage done by Nick Griffin, that as racial nationalists we are back at first base, all the many years of hard work by many good nationalists have been squashed.

At a time when the British people were crying out for leadership and direction one man through his many bloopers turned those millions of would be voters away from racial nationalism and paved the way for UKIP.

What we do see though now in the National Front is many of those hard-core nationalists, those that have put in many years of graft they are still here and they are here in the National Front with us.

As the saying goes “from small acorns” well we have to build, we have to grow, we have to stay solid and be there for the British people when Farage the Tory and also the state decide it is time to destroy UKIP.

What we can take heart with though is that there is still a ground swell of white British people that will vote for anti-immigration policies.

One day these people will turn to Britain’s oldest racial nationalist party - THE NATIONAL FRONT!

Kevin Bryan
National Front

24th February 2014 

The legally valid Directorate has decided to take Court action against the former Chairman, Ian Edward.

This step to initiate legal action has been taken after serious deliberation. The Directorate (The ruling body of the National Front) is determined to defend the rights of the National Front and its members.

The facts of the problem with Ian Edward are as follows: Ian Edward walked out of a Directorate meeting held on Saturday, 15th June 13, after a resolution he made was defeated. On 22nd June he emailed his resignation to all members of the Directorate: Quote "so please accept my final resignation as Chairman forthwith". Ian Edward has since confirmed his resignation in statements that he has made public on the internet. Steve Rowlands and Bernadette Jaggers also resigned.

This momentarily left the Party administration in disarray. By the efforts of the remaining Executive members this was soon rectified. Party members should recognise the work put in by these remaining Executive members after Edward and co had abandoned them and the Party.

The Deputy Chairman, Kevin Bryan stepped in as Acting Chairman and his position as Chairman was confirmed at a Directorate meeting held on Saturday, 31st August 13.

On various internet-sites, the former chairman is now boasting that there will be no National Front candidates standing in this year's elections. He can say this, as by a quirk in electoral law, he remains the registered Nominating Officer for the Party. He is refusing to sign a Form RP4 informing the Electoral Commission formally of the change of Chairman and Nominating Officer. (This form must be signed under electoral law.)

The National Front has from the beginning been registered with the Electoral Commission, precisely in order that our candidates can stand officially as National Front, and have our party name printed on the ballot paper.

Brave men and women who are ready to step forward and serve our Movement in the coming elections as National Front candidates are now being denied their right to do so by this act sabotage. By refusing to inform officially the Electoral Commission of his resignation, and to sign the official RP4 form, as required by Law, Ian Edward is attempting to sabotage the good running of the National Front. This is an attack on the whole Racial-Nationalist Movement. The National Front is the last hope of the White Race in this country. The refusal of the former chairman to do the proper thing and to sign off with the Electoral Commission is a disgrace.

The National Front Directorate is determined to put an end to this intolerable situation by taking legal action against Ian Edward. It cannot be permitted that the Party be hijacked by some individual who seems to have lost all reason. The legal case will cost several thousand pounds but we hope and we trust that the Racial-Nationalist movement will understand and will support us in this fight.


Signed: Kevin Bryan, Chairman;
Dave MacDonald, Deputy Chairman;
Nick Walsh, Treasurer;


Development & Enquirers' Officer - Rob Poundall;
Membership Secretary- Nigel Piggins;
South Wales Organiser & Executive member - Adam Lloyd;
London Organiser - Tess Culnane;
North East Organiser - Simon Biggs;
North West Organiser - Chris Jackson;
West Mids Organiser - Kevin Inman;
South East Organiser - Mike Easter;
South West Organiser - Stuart Woolger;
Directorate member - Richard Edmonds;
Directorate member - Mike Cooper;
Directorate member - Andy Edwards;
Directorate member - Kevin McMahon

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2013 has certainly been a year of change within the National Front and it has most certainly been change for the best. For myself, it has been a year that has seen me elected into the position of party Chairman. With this position comes a great amount of responsibility and a need to steer our party forward and onto the right track both as a political party and as a Movement.

Not everything has been straight forward since the resignation of the former Chairman and there are those on the fringes of the party that are determined to make life difficult for us. But what this group of trouble makers haven’t banked on, especially the one individual that was most certainly put into our party to cause disruption, is this: The Directorate of the National Front are genuine Racial Nationalists and many of us have been around 25 years or more. We have seen troublemakers come and troublemakers go, we have seen them do their worse in their attempts to destroy our Movement, but we are still here after the disrupters and troublemakers have been confined to the dustbin of history and we will still be here and we will be stronger long after this latest group of malcontents are in the same dustbin.

This year saw numbers at the AGM up; numbers at the Remembrance Day parade were well up; numbers on our increased amount of excellent street activities were up; numbers at many of the excellent meetings up and down the country have been well up. At a time when the electoral process is not producing good results for Nationalists, North West Regional Organiser Chris Jackson pulled out all the stops in the very liberal town of Todmorden and achieved a very credible 11.3% of the vote. There have also been several other good results in elections this year and I would like to congratulate and thank every member that has taken that extra step forward and put themselves into the spotlight by representing our party in elections. August saw an excellent Directorate meeting in Derby. This was the meeting where the changes in the National Front were made and it was certainly a very professional  meeting compared to previous ones held under the previous regime. We came out of the this meeting united and with a clear direction:

2014 will see an increase in National Front activity the length and breadth of the country and in May we have the local elections, an opportunity for members that take an interest in local politics to get involved in their local communities and go up against Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP at the ballot box.

Of course, also in the summer, there will be the elections to the EU Parliament in Brussels. Not that this should be of any concern to the National Front, being a party completely opposed to the EU, but what should be of interest to us is that it is almost certain that the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, will lose his EU seat. This will be a financial disaster for the BNP as they are very money-orientated and it will of course be a time when many BNP members decide enough is enough and look for pastures new. The National Front has to be ready to take on these new members. I must stress that we are not about to welcome those civic/liberal 'nationalists' that in recent years have joined the BNP - the National Front is only interested in genuine Nationalists that have a sincere belief in our Race and Nation in their hearts.

2014 will also see an increase in our street activity. I stated at our meeting in Derby that I planned to hold at least two national activities. The first of these will be early spring in Scotland and will be an opportunity for members across the whole of the United Kingdom to come together as one on a major public political activity. There will also be a national day of action where every branch and region will participate in an activity in their own area on the same date as the rest of the UK.

I am looking forward to attending the rally in Scotland in the early spring and I would like to encourage as many people living South of the border to attend and support our comrades in Scotland. This will be a meeting where Nationalists can give a huge two fingers to the pro-independence brigade. Hopefully, it will be held in a town or city where there is ample accommodation and we can have a social get together in the evening. I am also looking forward to a national activity in our capital city. Not to be forgotten, sometime, early in 2014, there will be the 47th anniversary meeting of the National Front's foundation in 1967 and this meeting will be held somewhere in Yorkshire. Again an opportunity for members from across the UK to get together.

Being a White Nationalist in Great Britain in the year 2014 will be a busy time indeed. There will never be a dull moment and as our society collapses further into the mire, we will always have an abundance of issues to protest against and we will get the message of the National Front out to the White British public.

In conjunction with this increased public activity, it is essential for the National Front to expand the socialist side of our ideology and get involved in industry and work related issues. This is something the Marxists have capitalised on for too long with no opposition and it is an area we Nationalists have left virtually untouched, but we have to be seen in our true role as the champions of the British working class. There are many workers out there that share our views and we must get our message across to them.

As Chairman of this party I promise there will be no softening of our policies. We are and always have been a Racial Nationalist party, a party that recognises that RACE, NATION and FAMILY come before all else. I don’t see failure as an option and only once in a lifetime does the opportunity that I have been given come along and it is not an opportunity that i intend to squander.

In conjunction with myself as Chairman, the National Front has a Deputy Chairman and a Directorate that work tirelessly to make sure the engine of our party carries on in pristine working order. It is very easy for those on the outside to criticise and to mock, but it is those that are involved that appreciate the hard work that is being done and I would like to thank every member of the Directorate for working with me.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my colleagues on the Directorate and every single member of the National Front a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s look forward to 2014 and to taking the National Front and the fight for our Race and Nation forward.

All the very best,

Kevin Bryan

Chairman, National Front


Dear members/supporters of the National Front,

This has been a very good year for our party and I must thank you all on behalf of the National Front for all of your hard work and commitment and for ensuring that the NF remains the only White Nationalist party in the UK that people should join or support.
Unlike other so-called ‘nationalist’ parties in the United Kingdom, the National Front has not given up the fight on the streets and, most importantly, we refuse to water down our policies on race and immigration in an embarrassing attempt to make an accommodation with the Westminster traitors as they have done. We will never change our primary aim which always will be to preserve our Race and Nation
2013 saw the party contest several local elections in England and a parliamentary seat in Aberdeen. Elections are due to take place in England and Wales in 2014 and we must ensure that our candidates are supported in their campaigns.
We as a party have increased our street activities and there will be a marked increase of these  type of activities in 2014. In the past it was frowned upon by certain people if we organised a street activity or demo. This is no longer the case as we now have a very strong leadership where every official wants to increase street activities all over the UK.
I had the honour of being elected as the Deputy Chairman on the 31st Aug 2013 and I vowed on that day that I would give 100% for our party.This will never ever change.
Yes we have had setbacks this year and some of them may well continue to hinder us into 2014. I have a message for all of the members of the National Front: we will never allow anyone to destroy what we have built up and are continuing to build.

Due to legal reasons I cannot name those who have tried to destroy our party. Destroy is not too harsh a word as that is exactly what these people are hoping to achieve. We have a fight on our hands and might I add for those rebels who are reading this "you will never destroy our party". If you have any respect for the members of the National Front you will accept what has gone before and we will move on to greater things.
Let's make 2014 a great year for our party. Support your local unit/branch and attend activities whenever possible to support your comrades in other parts of the country.
May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.
Dave MacDonald

Deputy Chairman,
National Front


Here is a screenshot of their resignation from their positions in the National Front last June by the Edward/Jaggers/Rowland renegade triumverate. It seems that they had a change of mind, or at least their controllers in the State/BNP had a change of mind and they are now claiming they didn't resign and that they still hold their former party positions. This article has conveniently been removed from the Essex NF website.
Please save this screenshot and forward it to all NF members. The liars will not win! The National Front is not the BNP and we will never surrender our White Nationalist principles and make a compromise with our enemies.

Click the above image to enlarge and save

Last week on this website we published statements from our National Chairman, Kevin Bryan and our Deputy National Chairman, David MacDonald which both exposed and refuted the accusations and conspiracy to destabilise the Movement, with a ‘dirty tactics’, smears and disruption campaign.

The main NF website was taken over and its contents, which have taken over two years to gather together, making for a hard-hitting website, to be replaced with a tatty one page whining from the trio of wreckers who compromise what we might term the ‘Edwards Faction’.

Last week it looked like their disruption might take root, but happily, with new websites up and running - this one and www.nationalfront.org.uk - swift action has been taken in all areas to stop the ‘Edwards Faction’ from prospering in their underhand work.

At first it was thought that the hacking of the main website was a criminal act under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. On the face of it, it was, but the ‘Faction’ took advantage of our trust and, using a technical loop-hole escaped criminal prosecution.

They DESTROYED years of work by NF Webmasters and the many organisers and prominent White Nationalists' articles, news-items and activity reports which made the now annihilated site into a one page affair. It seems that the Edwards Faction have no ethical nor moral constraints on our members and on our Movement, and were willing to tear to pieces the National Front, because the NF leadership and the constitutionally elected Executive and Directorate, have been united as one to make sure that this conspiracy was firmly stopped in its strides. That has been done and all options covered.

They still have some tricks up their sleeves such as calling on non-existent NF branches to force and EGM. They have failed in that too as every enemy through out the decades have been defeated and the NF, united, whole and intact is marching on!


Regarding the call for an EGM next weekend by Ian Edward, the EGM is not legal according to the constitution. Ian Edward claims to have the support of six branches. This is not so as three of these branches are not registered with me. Branches have to meet the criteria of having no less than three and no more than five to make up a branch committee.

These are the branches Ian Edward has stated have called for an EGM and their current status:

  • West London has no branch registered with me, only a contact and no officials.
  • Essex Branch ceased to exist when Bernadette Jagger’s stepped down from all her positions in the NF, she was Essex Branch Organiser and I was not informed of a replacement as organiser.
  • East London branch has not been registered as they were instructed to contact the Regional Organiser Tess Culnane and this they have not done.

So with this in mind only Thurrock, Portsmouth and Weymouth are the only three branches registered and affiliated with me as active branches therefore the call for an EGM is not valid.

I strongly advise all Branches and members not to attend this meeting as it is against our constitution:
Section 8, (A) POWER TO CALL AN EGM, An Extraordinary General Meeting of the party may be called at any time by a majority vote of the DIRECTORATE, by unanimous demand of the sitting members of the Central Tribunal, or by a resolution demanding an EGM being carried out by a majority vote of members of at least five affiliated branches from more than one region.

Rob Poundall,
National Front National Enquiries and Branch Development/Liaison Officer.


    Statements by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman


After months of uncertainty, Saturday, the 31st August paved the way for a new beginning and direction for the National Front.

We held our National Directorate meeting in Derby in a first class conference room. The meeting was very businesslike and professional.

Regional Organisers from across the UK were joined by the newly elected members of the Directorate.
As acting Chairman, I gave a short introduction outlining how the Party had lost its previous Chairman and then went onto the Agenda.

Item One saw me elected from Acting Chairman into the position of Party Chairman. Item Two saw Scotland and Northern Ireland Organiser, Dave MacDonald elected to the position of Deputy Chairman.
Item Four saw London Organiser Tess Culnane and South Wales Organiser Adam Lloyd elected onto the National Executive.

I won’t go through the rest of the agenda in this article.

I couldn’t be more happy with the new appointments - both Dave MacDonald and myself make a great team and we are in daily contact sorting out everyday problems and discussing the way forward for the Party, I am over the moon that Dave is my Deputy and I am certain the two of us will work more closely than I had the chance to do so with my Chairman when I was the Deputy.

I have spent many years in Nationalist politics, my first position was as the Newark-On-Trent Organiser of the BNP.Years later I moved North and took over the position of Rochdale Organiser, which at one stage had over 90 paid up members, whilst at the same time I started up the Rossendale Branch of the BNP and again built the membership up to a good size.

As Nick Griffin progressed with his rot, I decided I could no longer carry on the fight for Race & Nation in the British National Party, I am a racial nationalist and I firmly believe in a policy of repatriation, this is a policy the BNP had abandoned several years earlier, in fact they went into reverse and voted to accept non-white members.

I left the BNP about three and a half years ago and began speaking at National Front meetings and assisting my colleague Chris Jackson in building up the North West Region.Within a few months at a directorate meeting in London I was elected into the position of Deputy Chairman.

After the resignation of Ian Edward I became acting Chairman and so I believed it was a natural progression that I applied for the vacant position of Party Chairman. I would like to thank the National Directorate for having the confidence in me and electing me into the position.

So now we enter a new Dawn, where now for the National Front? At the Directorate meeting in my acceptance speech I outlined my plans. I spoke about how important it was for members to contest elections, I also stressed that we wanted quality and not quantity, this is something we can learn from the mistakes of the BNP as with them it was a case of stand as many candidates as possible, you only have to look back at their record to see what a disaster that policy was, one BNP Councillor that springs to mind is Maureen Stowe, Maureen Stowe was one of many people that decided to stand in Burnley for the BNP, she was also one of many that were elected. Once elected she revealed that Nelson Mandela was one of her heroes, after several months of being a BNP Councillor Maureen went squealing to the press saying how racist BNP members were. The rest is history!

I stressed that it was of utmost importance that members of the Directorate led by example when it comes to election time and stand as candidates, of course I understand that a couple of Directorate members are unable to stand because of their employment. It is also important that members get involved in local community groups and those that have an interest in the Political side of nationalist Politics attend local Council meetings, again I fully understand that the electoral side is not every members cup of tea, I do however believe that it should be of interest to members of the National Directorate.

As I have recently stated in another article, I don’t just see the National Front as a Political Party, I also see the Front as a movement.

I know I have mentioned the BNP once too many times in this article but when you look at what they have left you see they have an ageing membership; an ageing membership that is only interested in elections and have long since abandoned the streets and any sign of being an active movement.

At the other end of the patriotic spectrum we see the EDL, they would class themselves as a non-political movement, they can at least attract people out on their street demos although their numbers at demos are in decline, members must be sick of all the bravado and being kettled in out of sight of the public at every demo they attend.

There is a void and I believe it is the emergence of a rejuvenated National Front that can fill this void, we can make Nationalism exciting once again, with our flags flying and our banners held high and in full view of the public we can attract the patriotic youth to our movement, many of them we can convert to good and active Politicos.

Back in the 70’s & 80’s the National Front could attract thousands on their marches and demos, I recently watched a You-Tube video where 5000 members & supporters of the National Front marched with pride to their new Head quarters at Great Eastern Street in London, I have over the years watched National Front political marches as well as the old Remembrance Day marches and political rallies.
The National Front were always orderly. It was the Red trash that were out to disrupt and cause trouble. It sickens me to hear people who think they know best refer to bygone days and these large turnouts as the “BAD OLD DAYS”.

The people that attended these events will tell you that although at times it could get scary, they were certainly exciting and marching in columns with a large flag party and a drum corps filled you with patriotic pride.

I plan to hold at least two national Political events per year, this I believe will bring members from the North and South together.

Whereas back in the 70’s our party could only warn about the coming disaster of mass immigration, that disaster is now upon us, it is no longer a warning it is a reality. We now have numerous things to demonstrate and march against and believe me our numbers through our street presence will swell over the next few years.

As I said earlier about the Political side of the party not being everyone’s cup of tea, I also understand that neither is street activity, with this in mind I am sure I can comfortably say that there is something for everyone in the National Front and every member has a role to play in taking the National Front forward.

I have many plans, too numerous to talk about in this article.

I view the last few years as a stabilising period for the National Front and for this we have the previous Chairman Mr Ian Edward to thank - but let us see Saturday the 31st August as a turning point for the NF, a turning point with a strong National Directorate, a strong National Executive and strong Leadership.


Kevin Bryan
National Chairman
National Front

In Memorium 
John Tyndall

14 July 1934 - 19 July 2005

On Saturday 19th July 2014, the ninth anniversary of his death, the National Front salutes the man whose memory still lives in our hearts today! John Tyndall was the Chairman of the NF during its most successful years in the mid to late 1970s. John left the NF in 1980 to continue his work in the New National Front and later the BNP where the policies we hold strongly today were kept alive until they were murdered by the intervention of one Nicholas Griffin. The National Front of today is still guided by Tyndall the Statesman and by Tyndall the Political Soldier. To us, his spirit will never die.

Below are the last two paragraphs from the concluding chapter of John Tyndall's book 'The Eleventh Hour'. To us in the National Front, this symbolises the resolute and tenacious attitude of the man John Tyndall, one of the true founders of our cause, an attitude that political pygmies such as Griffin and the present-day incarnation of the BNP can only dream of emulating.

North East NF

 "Our creed is one of heroism, and the coming epoch calls for the return of the heroic virtues. Not for us the cosy tranquility of the political soft option; for us only the long march through the cold night - which must precede the glorious dawn. These conditions demand a special quality of steel in those who rally to our banner, and if the forthrightness of the message put forward in this book frightens and puts off the delicate of fibre and spirit, that is good; for their place is not with us and we would not wish to encumber ourselves with their presence.

Today, from out of the chaos and the ruins wrought by the old politics, new men are rising. These new men of the new age are now working night and day across the land to forge the sinews of the movement to which their lives and mine are dedicated. Above them as they work are the spirits of legions of mighty ancestors whose bones lie at the bottoms of the oceans and beneath the soil of five continents where the men and women of our blood have borne the British flag and stamped the mark of British genius. Today we feel the voices of these past generations calling down to us in sacred union, urging us to be worthy of their example and their sacrifice. To them we owe it to fight on, and to dare all, so that a great land and a great race may live again in splendour."