On Sat 13th Sept members of the National Front held activities in Aberdeen city centre. Our day began at 8.30am when we distributed 200 leaflets in the Broomhill area of the city. 

Next up was an activity at the Yes campaign stall in the Union street area next to Market Street. We walked over to the Yes stall and van and unfurled our Vote No banner. This upset the Yes activists who tried unsuccessfully to grab our banner. I think our advice to them regarding the banner and broken bones did the trick as they quickly backed off.

Obviously we were accused of being Nazis etc and one of the Yes people mentioned "Alleged" atrocities from the 2nd world war. My answer didn't please him somehow.

I mentioned the plans of Allah Salmond to flood an independent Scotland with immigrants and showed them our Anti- Muslim leaflet to let them see what was going to happen with Independence, an elderly woman passed by and said it was already happening and needed to be stopped. 

We packed up our stuff and walked up Union street to the No campaign stall where we discussed what had just happened with the No people. We explained who we were and the no activists said that they were disgusted with the actions of the other group towards us.

Dave spoke to Ann Begg MP and shared a joke with her regarding our photographer. Ann Begg is disabled but has done a fantastic job for her constituents in Aberdeen.

Also in attendance was Lewis MacDonald labour MSP (no relation to Dave) who introduced himself but walked away when we said who we were. All in all this was a great day for our party and this was done with only 3 members. We need more activities to take place across the UK and you don't need huge amounts of people to hold an activity. Organise an event but stay safe.

National Front Scotland